Interview with Ashley McLeo

Book information Name of book: Prophecy of Three, Book One of the Starseed Trilogy Author name: Ashley McLeo Publication date: May 2, 2017 Link to get your book: Facebook: Twitter: @amcleowrites Webpage: Other links: Goodreads: What inspired your book? I've always loved witches and my ancestry is largely Irish. Magic is still a … Continue reading Interview with Ashley McLeo

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7/18/17 Where am I?

In the world of writing, where am I? I went back to work last week. That is why I have missed a week of posts. Please forgive me, work was draining. There are a few reasons I chose to go back to work, One the extra income could help me with my writing career, and … Continue reading 7/18/17 Where am I?

Magness Tree Farm

  There is something amazing about Oregon summers. Most of the year it is wet and rainy, but for a few short months the sun comes out and everything becomes a vibrant shade of green. We found this little gem of a park just outside of Sherwood Oregon, Magness Tree Farm. In here you will … Continue reading Magness Tree Farm

Accountability Partner

“If you don’t have one, get one.”- Toy story. I like to set goals for myself, but there are times that I don’t feel the need to hit a self-set goal because I have no one to answer to. I tell myself it’s fine that I didn’t get any writing done today, I still have … Continue reading Accountability Partner

July writing prompt contest

In the spirit of the summer, our July writing contest will be about summer love, vacations, days at the beach, or anything summer related, and creativity counts. To enter the contest send it to us via email. All entries must be in by midnight July 31st. The winning story will be published on our site, … Continue reading July writing prompt contest

June 20th, Feeling lost with my novel.

I don't know what I am doing and it frustrates me. The book I was reading from the library only confuses me more. Maybe because I have not read the book it refers to and all the explinations are about that novel. The next logical thing for me to do is to look on the … Continue reading June 20th, Feeling lost with my novel.

Neskowin Beach, OR

We are originally from Utah, but Oregon feels like home. We decided to move here in the summer of 2015. It was tough at first but we soon fell in love. We go for drives in our convertible and love how green everything is. One of our favorite things to do is to check out … Continue reading Neskowin Beach, OR

The Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award! I have never heard of this before, I have only been blogging for a few months now. I have fallen in love with blogging and the people are the sweetest. For the official rules check out The Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2017 A Brunettes Mind nominated … Continue reading The Liebster Award

May Winner of the writing contest

Thank you everyone who participated in Mays Writing contest "The Barefoot Man in the Labyrinth." Here is our Winner David. Don't forget to enter Junes Writing Prompt Contest. I Am the Barefoot Man in the Labyrinth. Haven’t I been here before? I thought. Everything looked so familiar but it always looked so familiar. It’s like … Continue reading May Winner of the writing contest